How to get there

By bus

There are few daily tourist buses from Kathmandu to Sauraha. It takes around six hours to complete the 180 km journey because the roads are in bad condition. You can get a ticket in any hotel or travel agency. There is also a tourist bus from Pokhara and one from Sunauli at the Indian border. They both take around five hours to get to Sauraha bus station where one of our staff is always waiting to pick up our guests.

By air

There are few daily flights from kathmandu to Bharatpur (25km away from our resort). We can organise a transport from the airport to our resort. There is no flight to other destination.

By bus / rafting / bus

You can also include a few hours rafting in your journey to Chitwan. The same tourist buses will drop you at the starting point on the “Trishuli” river if you come from Kathmandu and on the “Seti” river from Pokhara. The rafting companies will organise transportation to bring you to Sauraha from the ending point. We can also arrange everything for you.

By bus / trekking

It is also possible to come to Chitwan by trekking in the “Chepang hills”. It takes three to five days to complete this trail. This trek is very interesting because of the home stays. You can discover an authentic and unspoiled life style. Click on the “Siraichuli trek” button on the homepage for more details.


Chitwan is a malaria free district since the 1960’s already so the risk to get this disease is very low in the region. You must also be aware of tics and leeches after the monsoon but, unlike those found in Europe, they don’t transmit any disease.


There are a few ATM machines in Sauraha village but they are sometime not very reliable in times of load shedding. The exchange rates are not very good so bring enough cash. We don’t have a credit card payment system but we accept Euros or US Dollars at the same rate than the local money changers.

Weather in Chitwan

October to March is the “dry” season. The days are sunny and warm but the nights can be cold (6-7°C) and there is a thick fog until 9 to 10 o’clock in the morning. March to May is the hot season (35 to 40°C during the day and 25 to 30°C during the night). There are sometimes thunderstorms with strong winds and heavy showers in the afternoon or during the night. June to October is the rainy season. During this period, you can expect some showers almost every day.

What to bring

You can choose your clothes according to the season and weather but dark colours and long sleeves are better for jungle activities. For the shoes, runners are better than big boots because the jungle is flat and sometimes very hot. We don’t recommend sandals to avoid cuts and leeches bites.

You can also bring insect repellent, a hat, binoculars, etc…, but the most important is to bring yours smile.