Sunset Views

The best way to end a day in a state of complete serenity is to watch a wonderful sunset on the Rapti river where you can see a few dug-out canoes crossing the golden reflect of the sun on the water. Even more interesting, is to watch some domestic buffalos crossing the river in front of the elephant breeding centre. The sound and magical atmosphere created by these animals walking in the gold colour water will stay in your memory for a long time.

Observation Tower

Spending a night on a nice observation tower in the jungle is another amazing experience. After an interesting jeep drive through different traditional villages to reach the tower, you can choose to go for a short jungle walk or help our guide to prepare a delicious meal. After dinner, it is also possible to sleep on the balcony in front of the rooms to be closer to the action and feel at one with the different sounds of the jungle.

Jungle Walk

Going for a half day up to five days trek in the national park with our well trained and very professional guides is probably the best way to feel one with nature. You will be able to explore different parts of the jungle and track the animals following their foot prints and their smell. The guides will also share their knowledge about the medicinal plants and about all the different species of bird.

Jeep Safari

By jeep, you will be able to visit a wider part of the park and see all the different vegetation. The jeep stops at a few lakes with observation towers from which you can watch the wildlife safely. You will also have the opportunity to visit the crocodile breeding center at the national park headquarters in “Kasara”.

Elephant Bath/Stable

You will find around ten to fifteen elephants bathing in the Rapti river every morning between 10 and 12 o’clock. You can just watch from the riverbank but, getting a powerful shower while sitting on the back of this big amazing animal and helping to wash it is probably one of the most enjoyable experience you can have in your lifetime. Early morning or in the evening, you can also go to visit the elephant breeding centre , three km away from Sauraha village. In there, you can learn everything about the Asian elephants, from their origin and their diet to how they are trained at the age of three. You can also watch the new born calves playing and running towards you in the search of any sweet.

Cultural Tour/Dance

By walking, bicycle or ox-cart, a visit to a traditional “Tharu” village will allow you to learn more about the special culture of this very interesting ethnic group. You will understand their way of farming and how they build their houses with local traditional materials only. In the evening, a “Tharu” group will also entertain you with some very dynamic stick dance.