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Our resort is situated in a very convenient and quiet place in Sauraha village on the road to the elephant breeding center and just five minutes walk to the river and national park entrance. You will find some of the cleanest and best value rooms in the country to suit all budgets, from a dormitory to deluxe family rooms with A.C, T.V and mezzanine in which children can sleep.

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Discover Nature at it's Finest at Chitwan Forest Resort UNLIMITED FUN & ADVENTURE

Most people know and come to Nepal for the highest snow peaks in the world, the famous trekking routes and the interesting culture in Kathmandu valley but they don’t take the time or miss the opportunity to visit the southern lowlands of Nepal, especially the “Chitwan National Park” to discover a completely different aspect of the country.

Created in 1973 and listed as a “UNESCO” world heritage site since 1984, “Chitwan National Park” (malaria free since 1960) is situated in south-central Nepal, just five hours bus journey from Kathmandu..

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